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#1 threat to america, OH YES PAUL, america's pole, amy stephen paul ot3, amy & paul having sex, apply directly to the forehead, babies made by amy & paul, barts bees honey, because it's a fun thing to do, bramlet/sharon otp, brunch: america's openly gay meal, but i would still SO do you, chuck and geoffrey 4eva, chuck humps geoffrey, chuck is a fatty, closeted homosexuals, commentaries with stephen amy and paul, congratulations terrorists - you win!!!, craig ferguson > craig kilborn, craig ferguson's fake scottish accent, craig kilborn is NOT funny, craziest f#?king thing i've ever heard, crumbelievable!!!!, debating if amy&paul still have sex, dem bats have gone crazy, don't get mad get stephen, dr. stephen t. colbert dfa, element number one, everybody loves the monkey butter, factiness, ftl, fuck me in the ass, gay gay gay gay gay, geoffrey in a box, geoffrey is gay, gtfo tundra style, hey america nice ass!, hispanicanes, homo-sexy, homos, hoo-fuckin-ray, how thick is it?, i am stephen colbert, i am the walrus goo goo g'truth, i have a dreamsicle, i slept with mr noblet?, i was just emailing my accountant, i'm gonna truth you all night long, i'm gonna sit at the welcome table, i'm so jazzed!!!, i'm so not jazzed!!!, i've got truth fever, is this the colbert report?, it swings to the right, it's bush country, jellineck's jelly bits, jews, jewwy jew jew, jon stewart > craig kilborn, jon stewart is gay, jon stewart's jewfro, jon's chest hair, jon's crooked blink, jon's truncated trunks pool parties, liberty the colbert report eagle, m0 híd, making new babies, married men that still fuck eachother, moment of men, my country tis of me, naileontology, noblet's nobbly bits, not holier than thou mods, not pk winsome, number truth pencils, oh my fuck, oh shit it went away, pen15, potato pubes, pr0n man-nips lol, pr0n poetry, scary correspondants, six more weeks of truth, snakes on a motherfuckin plane, stephen & jon & glory-hole activities, stephen and jon's penis, stephen and jon's tie, stephen and paul do it like rabbits, stephen and tad fucking, stephen colbert for president, stephen colbert is gay, stephen colbert's afro-amerifriends, stephen colbert's character breaks, stephen colbert's condoms, stephen colbert's condon'ts, stephen colbert's dinosaur impression, stephen colbert's enormous groin, stephen colbert's ethnic friends, stephen colbert's glowpen, stephen colbert's guardian eagles, stephen colbert's sport report, stephen licking pens, stephen loves tad, stephen's balls, stephen's balls for kids, stephen's balls for tad, stephen's interview face, stephen's oral fixation with pens, stewart/colbert 2008, stormbreros, sweet man of liberty, tad for president, tad is gay, tad manages buildings, tad tad tad, tcr is a tv show, the WØRD, the colbert report is gay, the daily show is gay, the eponymous report, the gay meteorological agenda, the gayest gay of all gays, the splendiferous zeppelin escapades, the toss, the way stephen sits, this is america! speak english!, this is the colbert rep--oh shit, tour de truthiness, trust love beauty friends fudge, truth fever, truth mitzvahs, truth roll-ups, truthikaze, truthocutions, truthoscopic examinations, truthtinis, tumbling with stephen colbert, turkey on thankstruthing, ur gay, ur mom is gay, usa todayholes, using ties to allude to sex, vast thatches of man-fur, waddling flipper-floppers, whats happening in the south tonight?, wow i look delicious, wtf would jesus do?, yes yes oh yes paul, youre a snarky bitch